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What is WildTrax?

An online platform for storing, managing, processing, and sharing biological data collected by environmental sensors.

With the advent of new digital-based technologies to collect environmental data, there's been a growing need for a platform where that data can be efficiently and effectively handled. This is where WildTrax comes in. Although built to accommodate data from any broadly-adopted sensor, WildTrax is currently set up to handle data from remote cameras and autonomous recording units. Whether you're looking to tag your remote camera images, or transcribe your audio files, or both, WildTrax has services for you.

WildTrax had its first public release in Fall 2019 with Acoustic Processing Platform. Periodically, we'll update the platform to fix bugs and add new features. For errors or suggestions, please contact Check the News and Media and Development Phases pages for information on system updates.

WildTrax Citizen Science

Participate in the tagging of remote camera images and acoustic recordings.


WildTrax's citizen science-based platform.

COMING SOON! Join your fellow community members in the collaborative processing of environmental sensor data. Engage with those projects and initiatives that interest you and discover something fun and new.

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