Fox: Zdenek Machacek, MacGillivray's Warbler: Double Brow Imagery

See - Hear - Know

Welcome to WildTrax

WildTrax is an online platform for managing, storing, processing, sharing and discovering biological and environmental sensor data

With the advent of new digital-based sensor technologies to collect environmental data, there's been a growing need for a platform where that data can be efficiently and effectively handled. This is where WildTrax comes in. Although built to accommodate data from any broadly adopted sensor, WildTrax is currently set up to handle data from remote cameras, autonomous recording units and avian point counts. Whether you're looking to tag your remote camera images, or transcribe your audio files, WildTrax has tools for you.

Open Data

Open Data refers to the philosophy and practice of making data freely available, easy to access, and easy to use by anyone

WildTrax provides a robust platform for Open Data and encourages collectors to contribute to Open Data initiatives. The WildTrax approach to open data presents a vision whereby data collectors can easily input high quality data, and data users can discover, access, and work with these datasets. Through partnerships, collaboration, and coordination among participants, WildTrax aims to provide tools that facilitate Open Data, creating a flexible system that can adapt to evolving data collection practices and meet the needs of various users, from field collectors to decision makers.