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What is WildTrax?

An online platform for managing, storing, processing, sharing and discovering environmental sensor data.

It provides the latest techniques and technologies to organizations and individuals interested in using sensors for environmental monitoring

WildTrax currently supports two types of environmental sensors, remote cameras and acoustic recording units (ARUs) and one type of biological data, avian point counts.

What can WildTrax do for you?

If you use remote cameras, ARUs or conduct avian point counts as part of a wildlife monitoring or research project, WildTrax is the tool for you. 
It can help you manage, store, process, share, and discover environmental sensor and biological data in your region of interest.

WildTrax is a collaboration between monitoring, research, and land management groups. Participants in WildTrax include universities, government, industry, citizen scientists, Indigenous groups, and NGOs who are committed to a world-class system for standardizing data sets across scales and projects that maximizes the value, interoperability, and reuse of data.


WildTrax Team

Find out about the core project team that is working on the delivery, background operations, and continued research and development of WildTrax.

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Find out more about WildTrax's Terms of Use, Access Policies and Data Privacy. 

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Have questions? We've got answers!

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Partners and Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge those individuals and organizations for helping to make WildTrax a reality.

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Development Phases

Find out about the new features and functionalities the WildTrax Team will be implementing to further develop the platform to support user needs.

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Contact Us

Reach out to us if you need more informaton. is for general information and is to report bugs or issues. 

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What's New

Find out what's new and exciting, hear stories from WildTrax users and developers and keep in touch with the latest features!

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Open data

WildTrax fosters and advocates for open data. Discover more about the tools and features that make this happen.

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Interested or want to participate?

From creating a new project to uploading media, your contributions help expand the WildTrax network.