Location reporting now available

Location reporting now available


Just one month after the most recent development release of WildTrax, the team is pushing another set of new features and updates.

Location reporting

If you're an organization administrator, you can now allow for public reports for each of your locations. This lets organization users share specific location reports with collaborators without having to be given full project or organization access. This is particularly useful for organizations who need to provide reports to landowners, leaseholders, partners, and collaborators. Here's how:

Go to your organization's settings and click on Allow in order to generate reports. 

Next, go to any location in your organization and scroll down to copy the report link. Open this in your browser or share it with the desired landowner or collaborator.

You can then easily access elements of the report by clicking on the different tabs depending on the sensors or data that were collected. 


First time on WildTrax?

Looking for an interesting species across the WildTrax system? Data Discover lets you easily map the locations of different species using the Species tab. Select all the projects you have access to and then click a species; you can even filter by a date range.

WildTrax: The Definitive Guide is coming soon! The guide is set to be a comprehensive, accessible, engaging way for you to get started using WildTrax and explore its many features and functions. The documentation is constantly being updated to match the system.


Please email info@wildtrax.ca for more information about WildTrax or support@wildtrax.ca to report any bugs or issues. And stay tuned for more information on our What's New section.

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