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Partners and Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for helping to make WildTrax a reality.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are organizations that contributed resources to the initial development of WildTrax and WildTrax components.

Our Partners

Partners are organizations who participated in collaborative data collection projects that used environmental sensors. Data from these projects were foundational in developing the tools and expertise necessary to build WildTrax.

Website Design

Sonder Creative is an Edmonton design and development studio specializing in web and branding. We are passionate creatives who want to help you tell your story.

User Video Creation

Jeff Allen Productions Inc. is a team of highly qualified and skilled video production professionals with extensive experience in broadcast television, film, corporate and online video.


The development of this system would not have been possible without the continuing effort, vision and contributions of the following people and organizations:

Natasha Annich 
Erin Bayne 
Corrina Copp 
David Evans
Joan Fang 
Dan Farr 
David Huggard 
Michelle Knaggs 
Monica Kohler 
Hedwig Lankau 
Alex MacPhail 
Shawn Morrison 
Tara Narwani 
Michael Packer 
Jim Schieck 
John Simms 
Peter Solymos 
Kat Villeneuve
Julia Vlasenko

As well as all the transcribers, taggers and technicians, far too many to name, that offered their suggestions and support over the years.