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House finch banner  | by Kenneth Keifer

Welcome to WildTrax video | by Kindea Labs and the ABMI

Moose calf | by ABMI Camera Trap

Red-winged blackbird banner | by Rachel Humphrey

Ovenbird | by Eric Hedlin

Elk | by Kristen Quist

Peregrine falcon | by Jon Groves

Garter snake banner | by Craig Harding

WildTrax workflow diagram | by the ABMI

Golden-mantled ground squirrel banner | by Sara Venskaitis

Bear prints in the mud | by Kendal Benesh

Camera and ARU setup | by Joelle Chille-Cale

Marten in a tree | by Stephen Kull

Northern flicker | by Emmett Hogan

ARU processing video | by Jeff Allen Productions Inc. and the ABMI

Mother moose with calf banner | by Genevieve Thompson

Coyote in the winter | by Hal Brindley

Striped skunk | by Geoffrey Kuchera 

WildTrax Brochure Infographic | by Sonder Creative

Shorebird banner | by Kinan Echtay

WildTrax brochure infographic | by Sonder Creative

Welcome to WildTrax video | by Kindea Labs and the ABMI

Songbird calling | by Double Brow Imagery

Red fox in the winter | by Pim Leijen

Snowy owl taking flight | by Jon Groves

Coyote in the winter | by Hal Brindley

Grebes kissing | by Leon Morley

Fox family | by David Evans

Red-winged blackbird | by Rachel Humphrey

Shorebird banner | by Kinan Echtay