WildTrax Development

WildTrax Development Phases

The WildTrax team is continually implementing various features and functionalities to further develop the platform to support user needs

Phase 1 - Fall 2018

The goal of Phase 1 is to launch a platform that is easily accessible to all users, support data management, processing and storage needs for ARUs

Phase 2 - Fall 2019

The goal of Phase 2 is to release additional functionalities that added flexibility to the WildTrax system to support user needs as well as the addition of the camera sensor

Phase 3 - Summer 2020

The goal of Phase 3 was to provide unprecedented environmental sensor data management capabilities in WildTrax

  • My Organizations
  • Data management of locations, visits and environmental sensor equipment
  • ARU batch uploader


Phase 4 - Winter 2021

Phase 4 will see the development of deeper aspects of WildTrax and begin integrating data from other portals, ensuring data privacy and an ability to share your data with other WildTrax users

  • Privacy and membership infrastructure
  • Data Discover
  • Boreal Avian Modelling data integration
  • Point count sensor
  • Acoustic data auditing
  • Enhanced organization metadata management
  • Visit auto-generation
  • Batch upload and download of organization metadata (locations, visits, equipment)
  • Enhanced media management: delete tasks, recordings, images and image sets
  • Project, organization and task toggling
  • Location merging and automatic buffering
  • Visit photos with attributes for viewing habitat characteristics


Phase 5 - Summer 2021

The goal of Phase 5 was to focus on developing more intricate features for each sensor type as well as releasing documentation to help guide the user experience

Phase 6 - Fall 2021

Coming soon!