5.2 Image tagging page


5.2.1 Overview


From within a project, click on a camera task to open the tagging screen. Although you can see all tasks within a project, you can only tag images in tasks that are assigned to you. You have the option to tag images in two views:


  • Full Tagging: This view contains all images ordered chronologically. Images have been pre-filtered to exclude time-lapsed and auto-tagged images.
  • Series View: This view contains images where time between consecutive motion-triggered images is less than what is predefined in the project settings. Each page contains all images within a single series. Images are ordered chronologically. You can switch between views while tagging.


5.2.2 Help menu


The help menu can be found to the right of the location name, and contains information about tagging tabs, keyboard shortcuts, and image selection, plus a legend and a description of icons.



5.2.3 Filtering images


To search for tagged images, or filter for certain parameters, click on the button within a task.


Within the filter window, you may look for tagged images containing specific species/sex/age tags, as well as a variety of additional information, such as descriptive tags, date ranges and field of view. From this window you can view all hidden images (time-lapsed and auto-tagged) as well as select a date and time of images you want to view.


5.2.4 Image information


To see additional information on the image, click the small “i” button at the bottom right-hand corner of an image. This will also display the image URL, which you can use to download a specific image.