WildTrax Guide


Welcome to the 1st Edition of WildTrax: The Definitive Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, engaging and referenceable set of documentation to help you get started using WildTrax and exploring its many features and functions. The documentation is constantly being updated to match the system, with the 1st Edition “Rising from the Mist” being released in 2021 alongside the Phase 5 development release of WildTrax.

It strongly relies on a moderated community of investment. If there is documentation you feel is incomplete, out of date or inaccurate, email WildTrax Info or WildTrax Support at any time.

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If you are an Administrator wishing to create and/or manage an organization or projects using a self-service model within WildTrax:

  1. Create an online WildTrax account.
  2. Create an organization(s) within your account. The WildTrax team will contact you to finalize your organization setup.
  3. Create a project(s) within your Organization.
  4. Upload data yourself or ship data to WildTrax staff for upload.
  5. Process your image or sound data within the online interfaces.
  6. Download, review, or share your data any time, anywhere.

If you are a tagger who will be working on a project:

  1. Create an online WildTrax account and provide your username to the project administrator, who will add you to the appropriate projects.
  2. Projects you’ve been added to will appear within your account for you to start working on.
  3. You can also Request Access to an Organization where the project admin will either accept or reject your request.

If you are a partner or collaborator wishing to share or discover data:

  1. Browse the published projects available in either the My Projects dashboard or Data Discover.
  2. Request Access to organizations or projects to alert admins you would like access to their data.