7.1 - Data Downloads



Data Downloads is the section of the WildTrax website where you can export and download your processed and tagged data from projects. The format is a zip file that contains multiple csvs (up to a maximum of 10 projects at a time) with columns customized to each sensor type. 


Your accessibility to the projects within Data Downloads is dependent on your organization and project membership and the status of the project. As an administrator, this allows you to download data at any time to perform preliminary analyses. You can also authenticate into WildTrax using the wildRtrax package if you're an R user.


  • Downloading Data


    To download data from a project, login to WildTrax, go to the button and click . There are then three steps to follow to download the data: choose the sensor and then choose the projects.




    You can use the checkboxes on the side of each project to select it for download. You can also search or filter by organization or project name. 




    Click Next once you have your projects selected to Download the zip file of raw data. 


  • Acoustic reports


    The zip file downloaded for acoustic projects contains six csvs when extracted. The report csvs will also be downloaded separately for each project. 



    • Basic Summary: An all-purpose, long-format list of all the detections for the project
    • Recording-BirdNET report: A report detailing the results BirdNET found for each media recording in the project. Recordings that do not produce any results are labelled 'Not Generated'
    • Task Report: A detailed summary of the tasks in the project. Includes results from the task info window as well as various audio statistics
    • Tag Report: A detailed summary of the tags in the project. Includes various audio statistic results. 
    • English and French column definitions


    The reports WildTrax generates are based on commonly used data formats. If you're looking for another report format or would like to know more about how to use the data included in the reports, contact info@wildtrax.ca.

  • Camera reports
  • Point count reports